Cypress Organic Essential Oil


The cypress tree is a candle-shaped sacred tree found in many European cemeteries, but at the same time becoming a symbol of eternity. Its essential oil has astringent, restorative and circulatory tonic properties.

To use diluted in 90% of its volume of vegetable oil and to apply on the hemorrhoids, cellulite, varicose veins and varicosities.


Words by Annie Schneider


Crop type: Certified organic culture

Appearance: Pale amber clear oily liquid

Scent: Fresh pine woody earthy olibanum dry spicy cedar

Synonym: Mediterranean Cypress, Graveyard Cypress, Pencil Pine


Heals wounds and infections

Treats cramps and muscle pulls

Natural Deodorant

Relieves Anxiety

Aids with Respiratory Conditions




Cypress Organic 11ml


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