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Basil Exotic Organic Essential Oil


The Exotic Basilica embodies openness, joy, abundance !
In Egypt, all the small businesses have a basil plant outside their door to fill their space with its aroma, protect from the evil eye and create abundance. Customers crumple a few leaves in passing, smell the scent. This invites them to enter.


Words by Annie Schneider


In Asia as in Italy, this basil is used as digestive and flavour enhancer added to the dishes at the end of cooking. It is also known as a glandular tonic, aphrodisiac, and enhances cerebral micro-circulation.

The essential oil is diluted in a good monounsaturated vegetable oil (jojoba, sesame or olive) and it is applied on the painful parts if not the forehead or the nape of the neck.


Basil Exotic Organic 11ml