Pack of 3 Soap Bars


Mix and match, choose 3 of any of our soap bar blends. Excellent value and flexibility.


Soap Blends


Lemongrass - Citrusy (Rich Lemon)

Vanilla - Vanilla with notes of sandalwood & warm sugar

Peppermint Tea Tree - Refreshingly cool peppermint Tea Tree

Lavender - Floral and Herbal (Lavender)

Lemon Wood - Blend of citrus with hints of cedarwood

Lemon Eucalyptus - Clean and fresh lemony scent

Fresh Cut Watermelon - Sweet fresh cut watermelon

Orange Blossom - Citrus orange and tart

Oats Milk & Honey - Notes of vanilla, honey & almond powdery cozy aroma

Almond Honey - Rich bitter almond and sweet honey

Activated Charcoal - Pure activated charcoal no scent

Ginger Citron - Spicy ginger with notes of citrus

Coco Loco - Tropical coconut

Chill Out - Earthy notes of patchouli and vanilla

Booster - Refreshing eucalyptus, tea tree & peppermint

Mango Tango - Sweet mango with hints of vanilla & citrus

Virtue - Top notes of citron, mandarin & orange with a subtle touch of green tea

Pack of 3 Soap Bars

Soap 1
Soap 2
Soap 3
  • Weight per soap: 4.5oz (approx.)

    Dimensions per soap: 2.25” x 3.25” x 1” (approx.)


    Method: Cold Process

    Good for the whole family.

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