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Verde Delivery Policy

  • We will make our first delivery using Verde containers.

  • Liquid detergents, soaps, shampoos, lotions and similar will be delivered in glass containers.

  • Grains, nuts, dishwasher pods, dish powder, protein powders, etc.  will be delivered in paper bags.

  • Oils will be delivered in glass containers. (wide mason jars)

  • For a complete list of our products please check our BULK MENU​ page.

  • You may also drop your containers in store and we deliver.


32oz mason jar.jpeg
16oz wide mason.jpg
8oz mason.jpeg
32oz Mason
16oz Mason
8oz Mason
64oz glass jug.jpg
32oz boston round.jpg
32oz boston round.jpg
64oz Glass Jug
32oz Bottle
16oz Bottle

1. Email or call us 786-313-3234 with your order.

2. Choose a container and please specify quantities per product. 

  • 16oz = 1 lb 

  • 8oz = 1 cup

3. Once your order is ready we will email a receipt with your total and link to process payment.

REUSE: We want to reuse all containers!

Containers will be labelled for use and only for that particular product. This will allow us to more easily reuse containers, achieving our ultimate goal of reducing waste.

PICK UP OF CONTAINERS: After the first delivery and when reordering, please set out your containers in a tote or box in a conspicuous place or with instructions. Follow these steps:

Please make sure containers are clean!! These is the only way we see being able to make delivery successful at  this time.

Please pack your containers safely and in a bag of box suitable for transport. You may reuse the bag or box we supply.

  • Delivery fee is $ 10.00 per delivery and is non refundable.

  • We are not and can't be responsible for loss or theft of products delivered to your residence or business. Please provide instructions for unattended delivery to assure your products are safe until you can retrieve them. You accept all financial responsibility for product deliveries that follow your instructions.

  • Same day delivery is available with orders submitted prior to 2pm cutoff time.

  • Product availability may be limited and stressed due to high demand and supply issues. Please understand these are not in our control and we are doing everything possible to serve customers.